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Flexible funeral plans. From as little as 45p per day.1

Our partner Golden Charter is one of the UK’s largest funeral plan providers.2

With funeral costs being one of the fastest rising costs in the UK 3, it pays to plan ahead.

In 2004, the average funeral cost was £1,920, today it costs £4,271 3.

Whilst no one can predict the future, if the current trend continues, in another 10 years, the average cost of a funeral could be more than £7,500 4.

Your Funeral Matters works exclusively with Golden Charter, to bring you a range of flexible, affordable funeral plans. Over half a million people have already trusted Golden Charter to take care of their funeral arrangements, and they have the largest network of independent funeral directors – giving you the widest choice available5.
Golden Charter is the only funeral plan provider recommended by the National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors, and is owned by those who understand your needs best – independent funeral directors across the UK.

Why Golden Charter?

Over 25 years’ experience

Golden Charter was founded in 1989 and is owned by the UK's largest network of local independent funeral directors, many of whom are family-run businesses that provide a trustworthy, compassionate and professional service and have worked in their community for generations.

Security & Protection

With a Golden Charter funeral plan, you can have the reassurance that your money is safe. Depending on your payment type, your funeral plan payments are either paid into The Golden Charter Trust or into a UK-based life-assurance policy where they will remain until they are required.

Funeral Planning Authority

Golden Charter is a registered provider of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA), which means it must adhere to a strict Code of Practice and Rules to ensure customers are protected.

Designed with you in mind

Everyone has different needs; choose from our range of flexible plans and payment options, designed around you – from as little as 45p per day.1

The benefits of planning ahead!

We all love doing something special for our family. This could be as simple of covering the cost of your funeral in advance.

When coming to terms with the death of a loved one, arranging a funeral can be a stressful experience. One way to help to ease the financial and emotional strain on your loved ones is by fixing the cost of your funeral director’s services included in your plan in advance with a pre-paid funeral plan. This means that, once paid in full6, when the time comes the cost of the funeral director’s services included in your plan has already been covered, meaning your loved ones have one less thing to worry about.  

With the average cost of a funeral rising 4.7% in the last year3, it makes sense to plan ahead. Only 15 years ago you would have paid £1,920 for an average funeral, yet today it is £4,271 - an increase of 122% 3. With funeral cost outstripping inflation 2 there’s no guarantee that, when the time comes, your bank or building society account will cover the cost of your funeral. Over 50s insurance policies usually pay out a fixed sum but don’t guarantee to cover funeral director’s costs in the future. With either of these options, your family may still need to make up the shortfall for the funeral directors services.

With a pre-paid funeral plan, you can freeze the cost of your funeral director's services included in your plan at today’s prices, make your wishes clear and detail what you would like your service to include, whether that is giving roles to friends and family or outlining any dress code. Your Funeral Matters works in partnership with Golden Charter to offer you a range of flexible, affordable plans, including plans for direct cremation.

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